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Bereits 2010 konnte ich Erfahrungen im amerikanischen Blogging sammeln. Das Netzwerk The Hoop Doctors ermöglichte mir, diverse Artikel als Volontär  zu schreiben.

Ein Auszug meiner Arbeit:

Being a fan of a basketball team that hasn’t been in the playoffs for several years has one huge benefit – you can be quite objective and unemotional about the things that are going on during post season.

You can relax, watch some good matchups but also sit down and monitor the performance of the possible free agent targets in July, especially when your team has a ton of money to spend this summer.

One of my teams targets is Guard Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks, a team that finished 3rd best in the East with a 52-29 record.

Under the regimen of Coach Mike Woodson, the Hawks improved year by year and were seen as a possible Eastern Conference final candidate by many experts.

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