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Seit Februar 2012 schreibe ich regelmäßig als freier Autor für das in Brooklyn, New York City ansässige Start-up Die Philosophie von ist die Verknüpfung von Social Media, Berichterstattung und ihrem eigens entwickelten, innovativem Ticketing System.

Hierbei kann man nicht nur Tickets erwerben bzw. veräußern, sondern auch über die Events lesen bzw. mehr erfahren.

Auf schreibe ich nicht nur über Themen des Sports, sondern auch über Berlin als kulturelle, mediale Metropole und diverse Themenbereiche, die mich begeistern.

Ein Auszug meiner Arbeit:

Old industrial machines, high ceilings and brick walls, both reflecting deep basses of electronic music and the long history of this building in the crowded and never resting heart of Berlin. 

The Arena Club is a fitting environment and regular host to one of the most known and established electronic music events in a city that’s many facets and underground flair unintentionally pays tribute to the wild and experimental times of the Big Apple. 
In the last several years, the capital of Germany slowly but steadily evolved to one of the most fascinating places to be.

In contrast to New York, Berlin is not the focal point of the financial system nor a living headquarter to the Fortune 500. Nevertheless, the once parted city found a way to become a special place, inheriting art, music, the Internet industry and people from around the world. 

Often seen as a shelter to everyone, both New York and Berlin became a place that attracts younger generations. 

The ability to find a home while jumping from one short-term job to another in order to finance wallet-friendly studies at the various universities resulted in a wave of people, coming to Berlin in recent years.
Quickly, the city became a pool for new and creative ideas, visible at every corner of the city’s centre. And while art, culture and the internet business established Berlin as its flagship city, it is the world of music, that resembles the charm and feel of New York in the 1980s.

Fighting with the fallout of a 28-year-long segregation, many areas and buildings in the eastern part of the city centre still aren’t refurbished but partially used by startup companies or musical events. 

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