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Für die Spreestudios Berlin GmbH & Co. KG übernahm ich die Übersetzung der kompletten Internetpräsenz in die englische Sprache. Später kamen dann weitere Übersetzungsarbeiten für Marketingmaterialien wie Produktbroschüren hinzu.

Ein Auszug meiner Arbeit:

With the area of the “Spreestudios”, located in Rummelsburg (a part of the Berlin district Lichtenberg), the Kunstfreunde realized their premier project at the shore of the Spree in the heart of Berlin. In the golden 1920s, this 25.000 m² compound featured as the urban river line bathhouse of Lichtenberg for 17.000 daily visitors.

In a period between the 1950s and 1990s, the customs department of the German Democratic Republic inhabited this place for their own purpose. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, nature’s hands took it back and the former bathhouse became an enchanted natural property.

With its historical buildings, a distinct private port, a 200 m long waterfront as well as various, huge halls, the old bathhouse provides ideal conditions and nearly unlimited possibilities as an event-, movie- and photo location.
The compound is located at the broadest spot of the Spree with an ideal south-west alignment, allowing events for up to 8.000 guests.  

From the green expanses, the view outreaches to the opposing Island of Youth and the famous Spreepark. Creative minds and freethinkers will find the most suitable premises to establish ateliers, studios and workshops there.

Die Produktbroschüre:

Sustainability ist not a voluntary exercise, it is the foundation of the concept.

Designed as a pithouse, this multi-sensor seminar building supports the focus on new horizons in thought processes. The integrated bio-rythm spa benefits the regeneration of the inner energy. 

In a cooperation with the nearby power plant and due to modern and innovative technology, sustainability of the whole exhibit is the focus of this wellness habitat.
The historical utilization of the shore as a river line bathhouse experiences its contemporary renaissance. Heated by the cooling water of the power plant, an energy efficient pontoon bath ship allows the experience of having a warm bath in the middle of the Berlin river, just like in the 1920s. Additionally, a roofed outdoor sweat bath offers utilization of the spa and wellness area throughout the whole year.

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